Ballan wrasse are the biggest and most common wrasse around the UK coastline. Venue. 2012. In truth, they are one of the few fish that offer a realistic chance of breaking a British record. 9lb 8oz. Bass. Labrus bergylta is a heavy bodied wrasse with a broad head, small mouth and thick lips. We profile the UK’s most common as well as some lesser-known fish species to help newcomer anglers find out more about fish that can be caught in our lakes, canals, rivers, ponds and sea. Tony Heart. And guess what? The maximum size for a ballan wrasse is around the 5kg mark but any fish over 3kg would be an excellent specimen. Only one species of wrasse warrants serious angling attention and that is the largest, the ballan wrasse. A notable casualty was the 1912 ballan wrasse of 12lb 12oz caught off Looe with three others over 1Olbs. The wrasse grinds its food down with a set of pharyngeal teeth located further back in the mouth. Where To … European Line Class Record for this species. UK Records (since 2012) Species. The other species of Wrasse are far smaller in size and are generally around 1lb or less. British Record Fish List UK Shore Record: 9lb 1oz 0dms / 4.110kgs UK Boat Record: 9lb 7oz 12dms / 4.302kgs. The peg-like front teeth are bright white in colour and are only used for tearing. You will sometimes see this large fish surrounded by smaller rock cooks, who clean its parasites. 2015. The general stamp shore anglers can expect is around the 1-4lb mark for Ballan. SP. JG. 1999 to Present Day Ballan Wrasse, 9lb 7oz 12drms. But it is Pete’s personal best ballan wrasse that sets him apart from other anglers, a clonking great 9lb 1oz brute that since 1998 has topped the British shore record list. You need to be prepared to lose your rigs as Wrasse LOVE rocky and mixed ground areas. Fishbook: Wrasse. We were fishing in exactly the same spot where he caught the record-breaker all those yeas ago. Dorsetl. Below are some of the more common shore caught Wrasse from around the UK. Bream Gilthead. captor. Long broad body and scales Prominent Lips If over 35cm it will be a Ballan the other wrasse don’t grow over 35cm. They are daytime feeders and they can grow to around ten pounds in weight although the average is 1-4lb from the shore. A very small mouth compared to their head An iredesent blue band round the eye British record wrasse eaten for dinner ... black bream 3-7-12, ballan wrasse 6-13-0, Couch’s sea bream 1-10-6 and garfish 1-6-4.Guernsey’s Mark Le Page is another angler submitting a claim for a big cash prize. weight. The colouration of this wrasse is variable but there are no external differences between the sexes. Year. The Ballan Wrasse the largest and most common fish of the wrasse family. Current British and Channel Island Record. Bream Black. ‘Fishbook’: Our species-guide series based on “Get Fishing” the brilliant how to fish book by Allan Sefton. The body, head and fins are often brownish red or reddish with numerous small white spots but can be greenish with white spots or irregular large vertical dark stripes. UK shore caught record: 9lb 1oz; Detailed description. Some of the older “records“, deriving from the various informal sources, were discarded as being unsafe, due to doubts about the long accepted weights or, in at least one case, about the identity of the fish. The largest of the UK wrasse species, ballan wrasse have incredibly strong teeth which they use to pull molluscs and barnacles off the rocks, before extra teeth in their throats crush shells and finish the job. 2lb 14oz. Habitat West Sussex. Only smaller hooks are needed as the largest Ballan will be no more than 10lbs (shore record).

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