Ultimately, the resort burned down in 1936 and the railway tracks were damaged in a storm in 1937. Just remember to be careful about the bugs and snakes and bring extra water with you even if you think you might not need it!! Echo Mountain & Inspiration Point: Event Date/Time: 2/27/2010 from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM Location: in Pasadena, CA: Event Type: Hiking Event Description: We will start hiking sharp at 8:00 AM. The trail ends at Echo Mountain. I honestly almost gave up 3/4th of the way on the hike due to having ran out of water for my dog and I and having no idea when we were going to reach our destination. We hiked in the winter and the trail was overgrown and there were a lot of trees down that make for interesting obstacles. Today’s well-off Angelenos prefer to delight in opulent clubs and rooftop bars where they can be spotted and photographed by paparazzi. Therefore, I suggest checking the snow levels after a storm to determine if these spots have snow. It was another gem of a hike I discovered on Modern Hiker, an amazing blog (and app) that lists nearly all of the hikes in LA and the surrounding areas. Meadow Group Campground is located off State Highway 2 between the Manzanita Loop of the Chilao Campground and the Chilao Ranger... Overview The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round. After hiking to Echo Mountain we chose to continue on to Inspiration Point. Echo Mountain to Inspiration Point (2~ miles) I always like to take the Lower Sam Merrill to inspiration point. It was a grand resort sporting two hotels, the elegant "Echo Mountain House", and "The Chalet", plus the Mt. It will be medium to fast pace hike with very few short breaks along the way. Also, use your headphones if you're playing music. If Echo Mountain is your final destination then you will return on the same trail back to your car. We started around 8am so there were plenty of people on the trail which made it easy to figure out where to go. The side trip to Muir Peak is a 1.2 mile round-trip from Inspiration Point and makes a great option. Echo Mountain and Inspiration Point Angeles National Forest Locate the trailhead. They are a dedicated team of stunt professionals who train and offer personal i... To get to the trail, park at the Millard Campground Trailhead parking lot, where you'll find plenty of parking. Great views and a great work out. We started our hike by walking through the “Haunted Woods” of The Cobb Estate and luckily we didn’t feel anything weird. Sally and I have a hiking rule any hike over 10 miles and we stop at a local brewery and get a beer. It is most visible as a short mountain extension whose ridge protrudes below the peak of Inspiration Point. It is a 2.0 mile hike from Inspiration Point to Echo Mountain. The railway was a combination of a Funicular like Angel’s Flight that took passengers up the canyon and then a narrow gauge trolley that took them to the resort at the top of Echo Mountain. Today we stopped at Mt Lowe Brewing Company in Arcadia. The trail is primarily used for hiking, running, nature trips, and mountain biking and is accessible year-round. Originally started the hike to Echo mountain at 7 am with my dog. Overview The ruins are all that have survived from the Lowe Mountain Railway and the Great White Resort. I immediately knew i was going to see a snake so I quickly grabbed my dog and jumped on top of a huge rock. I would definitely do this 10 mile hike again but not in the summer time. Taking this route, around Inspiration Point and down the Sam Merrill Trail to Echo Mountain is about 2.5 miles and will add about 4.25 miles (and at least 3 hrs) to the total Echo Moutain hike. Due to the trail being empty I decided to let my dog off leash as I usually do on empty hiking trails. After the early stretches of asphalt and fire road, the lush single track of Castle Canyon is a nice change of pace. The later you go, the more crowded it is. To head back down, take the shady Sam Merrill Trail. One of our other co-founders, Stefanie, hiked the same trail but started later than we did. Viewing pipes have been installed and they are labeled with the locations you are viewing. The day started as a hike to Inspiration Point via Sam Merrill trail, as we hiked up to the historical Echo Mountain near Mt. Being on the south face of the San Gabriel Mountains and at comparatively low elevations, the snow will probably only last a day or two after a storm on Echo Mountain (elevation 3,207′) and not much more than a week after a storm near Inspiration Point (elevation 4,510′). My dad and I began at Cobbs Estate which leads you to the Sam Merrill Trail. Lowe. Echo Mountain via Sam Merrill Trail is a 5.4 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Altadena, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. You're looking at 4.6 miles one-way uphill with a ton of switchbacks, so don't assume it's a straight shot upwards! After hiking to Echo Mountain we chose to continue on to Inspiration Point. Lowe Observatory (housing a 13-inch telescope) and even a small zoo. There are picnic tables and plenty of spots to rest. The trail switchbacks up the mountain before reaching the first historic marker, in 3 miles. Even on weekdays, it can be a little bit crowded so on this gorgeous and warm, but not too warm, winter Sunday saw a veritable highway of people going up and down. Lowe Fire Road. The first time I did this hike I missed the sign and ended my hike far from my car. The Inspiration Point referred to here is just below Mt. Explore the historic sites, then head up Castle Canyon Trail. Echo Mountain - Inspiration Point, Altadena Sam Merrill and Castle Canyon Trails. Echo Mtn. At 4,688′ Muir Peak is the highest point on the southeast end of what some people refer to as Inspiration Ridge. From here you can take Castle Canyon Trail back to Echo Mountain (another 2.0 miles). Parking is limited so go early unless you don’t mind a long trek on the sidewalk. Mt Lowe Brewing Company has a cool vibe, it’s big, clean and the one beer I tried was good. Early Saturday morning Sally and I set out to hike to Echo Mountain and Inspiration Point. Depending on the weather you might have an amazing view all the way to Catalina, however, if it’s foggy your view will be a blanket of clouds. Intermediate / Trail Meeting at the Cobb Estate, located on the corner of Lake and Loma Alta Drive in Alta Dena, California. From the summit of where the ruins of Echo Mountain are located, backtrack 500 ft and follow the signs that point to the Castle Canyon trail leading to Inspiration Point. I chose this one because of how different it was from the Santa Anita Canyon hike I did last week, even though it is pretty near to that trail. These are the remains of the Mount Lowe Railroad, which brought customers to Echo Mountain Resort, also in ruins, nearby. Once we were done relaxing at echo mountain we started our hike to Inspiration Point via Castle Canyon. The trail switchbacks up the mountain before reaching the first historic marker, in 3 miles. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. They were sure it was haunted and they tore down the property. Hike to Echo Mountain, Inspiration Point and Muir Peak Sam Merrill Trailhead: Located in a residential neighborhood at the intersection of East Loma Alta Drive and Lake Avenue in Altadena, CA. You need to keep an ear out for them so you don’t get run over. There were a lot of people on the trail, but everyone was very polite and encouraging when passing. I will definitely be back and it was the perfect way to end our hike to Echo Mountain and Inspiration Point, Your email address will not be published. OCT. 5:30 AM Saturday Meet Up Spot 3302 Lake Ave, Altadena, CA 91001. It is crazy to think that in its heyday the Mount Lowe Railway was the number one tourist attraction in California. At one point the Marx Brothers owned the estate. Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your Please explore responsibly! The elevation gain is almost 1,500 feet, but the switchbacks feel gradual. The hike to Echo Mountain climbs steadily. You are half-way up when you are directly under the power transformer. Long… I know. It is rated hard and has steep inclines and you will gain about another 1,500 feet in elevation. The trail camp is accessible by foot through a variety of locations, bu... Skyhill Oasis With Hot Tub – Walk To Universal, Hike to and Rapel Thalehaha Falls in Rubio Canyon. Lowe, above Echo Mountain, in the Mt. We're committed to building a better, more inclusive home for the modern outdoors. seen looking south from Castle Canyon Trail. And as a matter of historical record, John Muir himself climbed the peak in 1877. ALSO BE WARNED THERE ARE SNAKES ON THIS TRAIL!!!! It’s an out and back hike to Echo Mountain. After the ruins I only saw one other person in the 2.7 miles between there and Inspiration point. I'd say start by 7 if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet. A steep climb will bring you to Inspiration Point, where telescopes give views of the area. Inspiration Point (4714') is one of five officially-named Inspiration Points in Los Angeles County alone! Follow the Castle Canyon trail for another two miles until reaching Inspiration Point. The climbing seems more chill than Upper Sam Merrill and it makes the out and back less redundant. Castle Canyon Trail ventures north from Echo Mountain, rising to Inspiration Point. Echo Mountain to Inspiration Point to Muir Peak. Follow the trail that leads away from the lot and past the Millard Campground. Lowe was a self-taught meteorologist who was best known for his advanced theories in the meteorological sciences. The Marx Brothers tried to build a cemetery on the haunted land, but the neighbors were opposed. We backtracked a little way to Castle Canyon Trail. Check street parking signs for restrictions. 1,069. The other is a small one called Lost Canyon, which I have yet to explore. Inspiration Point is not actually a point, it is in a saddle between two canyons, however, on a clear day the views can be amazing. We checked out all the old train equipment, cables, frame of old burned down mansion on the hill, and yelled out hello into the canyon. It's very well maintained trail all the way through. Eventually, a private donation allowed the city to purchase the land. Decided to do this trail on a whim, last Saturday morning. Echo Mountain is the most popular local trek. The Trail is 2 miles in length and takes you to the Inspiration Point. I recommend this hike 100%. Instead, we opted for the Sam Merrill Trail. Castle Canyon Trails is 2 1/2 miles and it passes some ruins along the way such as Sunset Peak and an old observatory. We backtracked a little way to Castle Canyon Trail. Definitely worth making the trek. When you have hiked about 1 3/4 miles you turn a corner and look up and see the shelter at Inspiration Point. If you are new to canyoneering and want to do an adventure like this, reach out to the guys and girls at The Blue 8 target="_blank" who guided us through Rubio Canyon. We will have up to 30 minutes Lunch break at the Inspiration point and return back to the cars. Hike to the ruins of the Echo Mountain Resort before heading up to panoramic views at Inspiration Point. adventures and follow local regulations. I came down the Castle Creek Tra I came down the Castle Creek Tra Inspiration Point 10-18-08 … Make sure you bring at least 2-3 liters of water even on a mild day because you will be working hard. I'm extremely glad I didn't end up giving up though because the view was amazing. Hike to the ruins of the Echo Mountain Resort before heading up to panoramic views at Inspiration Point. Echo Mountain's name is derived from the number of repetitions one's voice could emit into Castle Canyon. Echo Mountain and Inspiration Point were made famous by Professor Thaddeus S. C. Lowe, who retired to Pasadena in 1888. It's steep but not too crazy, and when you get to the top, you're rewarded with fun ruins to explore. I can’t stress enough the importance of doing your research and to be on the lookout for the sign for the Sam Merrill Trail. Lowe Railway Historical Committee's web site. Wilson area of the San Gabriel Mountains. I am thinking about taking a group up to Echo Mountain, then to Inspiration Point. The trail is rated as moderate and it is a single track. The trail heads up … Bad idea. In addition to the view, history buffs are in for a treat because there are plaques and signs with information about the Mount Lowe Railway.

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