So add a touch of cadmium red into your yellow ochre and then test a swatch of that colour next to your existing portrait, you can then add a little bit more red if you feel it needs it and then paint a thin layer over the top. Hi Will I just stumbled upon this website and it’s absolutely fantastic I love all the advice and techniques on here. Hi Will. I nearly always work onto a tonal ground which helps you to see the tonal range and colour balance within your portrait. I would just include a tiny touch more red into your mixes. Nippon Paint Mobile App – Colour Visualizer, Professional Painting Tips – How To Paint Like a Pro, How Your Wall Conditions Affect Your Painting, How to Paint a Room – Paint Guide – Interior Paint, Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety (QEHS) Policy, WELCOME TO NIPPON PAINT SINGAPORE, COLOUR PAINTS & PROFESSIONAL PAINTING SERVICES. Use a filler and a filling knife, or scraper, to patch up any visible holes and cracks. You can start with the areas just around the main objects and see how it looks on the canvas, and then paint back the first cloth colour or continue on with the new. Suzanne. When people do landscapes and paint the background sky blue, how do they prevent the blue mixing with the trees and clouds that are being painted on top? I am contemplating Gesso-ing the area and letting it dry so that my yellow is yellow…with one coat. Copyright © 2012-2021 Will Kemp Art School | All rights reserved |. What materials do I need to actually cover it and get rid of it? I love everything you post and when I need any information, I go straight to Will Kemp. Hi Lindsey, yes, you can just mix a more muted green and then paint over the top to create a more muted feel, have a look at this video on mixing greens to see the different tones you can create. Hi Val, Great to hear you’re enjoying it. Cheers, Will, Hi Will. Your advice to do a test run and figure out the best recipe is a great idea that I will try. Thanks so much for your help if you can, Esther :). The painting is turning out very well (so far – fingers crossed). Flow medium is a liquid medium (Acrylic Flow Release) you can add to acrylic paint to increase the flow consistency whilst maintaining a solid paint film. This topic of ‘repainting, I have a still life. Just a little for the new decor. Paint the first coat and allow it to dry overnight. I also read that using a gloss or matte medium on the finished artwork, doesn’t just enhance the paint and protect it, but acts as a binding agent. Yes, you can. Hi Suzanne, nice to hear from you and thanks for your kind comments. But there is still bits of paper stuck to it and has glue marks too. Blue turns green, etc. You will have to cover every area of the canvas. I have been working on a painting of a lady sitting.. everything was coming together.. Don’t use coarse sand paper or you’ll go right through the canvas itself. Thanks for your advice. HDB 5 Room- CCK Street 51 by Dezign Culture. I’ve used a Acrylic glazing liquid gloss for many thin glazes within a single painting and they are always very stable. Read this extensive guide on how to prep your area before a paint job. Hello, Ten years ago I painted a friend’s portrait in acrylic followed by matt acrylic varnish. A primer will help prevent peeling and chipping when you paint over the gloss paint. If you’re working on a larger scale piece and want a colour consistency in your mixes you would mix larger amounts of paint and store in a stay-wet palette between painting sessions. Is there anything I could put down as a ‘sealant’ over the blue shape before painting over again with the white? Started painting again at 72 years of age. Will, Hi Pulled a big boo boo. Mmm, we’ve all been there! Those were the essentials of how to properly paint over a painted wall. t’s doing ok, I see some of the things you mentioned about loosing the texture of the canvas. :), Hi Donna, pleased you’ve been enjoying the lessons, yes of course, painting over the top of the first stages of your portrait is all part of the process of refining what you’ve first observed. If you can still see the original wall colour after your first layer of primer has dried, apply another coat of primer. Is there any chance I could rectify this before varnishing? As its a small area of the painting and a matte varnish you would be able to paint on top of the varnish and then apply another coat of matte varnish to hide the fresh paint. If you would be kind enough to offer advice please email. I wouldn’t suggest varnishing and then painting ontop as it will change the surface and you would still have to cover over the painting underneath. Cheers, Will, Hi Will, Great site. Varnishing straight away wouldn’t have made any difference. Frazzle ye not! For drying time, refer to the paint can for instructions. Or thinking out with too much water? Hi Will, it depends on the composition and feeling you’re after. Apply a second coat to make sure … Cheers, Will. Thanks. You are a genius with these materials and if you cannot help me then I’ll conclude no one can …..and I will join that painful ‘club’ where you throw out the painting. It’s not necessary to use gesso with acrylics, it can just give a nicer surface to paint onto. Glazing is a great skill to learn and a more advanced technique so your ahead of the game! In today's video I'm going to show you an incredibly effective way to eradicate mould & mildew - with Zinsser B-I-N and Zinsser Perma White. Hey, I’ve finished painting with acryling on a wood board, and after finishing a layer of varnish (without applying an isolation coat, my bad) need to fix something in the painting, can i paint over the varnish and add another layer or two, or will it ruin it further? You use the Brush Settings panel to set brush tip options. I’ll give it a go and see if that solves the problem. So I have made a few mistakes with the table in the foreground. I’m a bit frazzled. I remember watching the old movie about Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel and at one point he got really frustrated with the outcome. Would be grateful for your advice. Loved the way that oils can be blended to make smooth transitions. It could be that you want to give your apartment an invigorating new look, or maybe it is because the walls are looking a little worse for wear, and it is about time you do some maintenance work. Moments later Michelangelo went right back to the chapel, up his scaffolding and he started destroying the whole work he did so far. Just discovered your site, its great, Cheers Rosemary, Hi Rosemary, if you’re using standard acrylic, once it’s dried you won’t be able to wash or scrub it off with water. If the paint has got too thick trying to get that luminosity of skin is going to be increasingly harder. Hi Linda, if you feel you can tweak the background without affecting the main subjects I’d probably give it a try. I also read that using a gloss or matte medium on the finished artwork, doesn’t just enhance the paint and protect it, but acts as a binding agent. Smooth transitions with acrylics can take a bit of practice, but you try an acrylic glazing liquid to help give you a bit more working time on thinner paint layers. Mix the primer well, then fill the … I am losing the beautiful toning. Right choice or wrong choice? Hi. Hi Leslie, so pleased you’ve been enjoying the oil portrait course. It has only happened in one place even though I overpainted with white over quite a few blue parts. What about watercolor? Would clear gesso do the trick or other medium? Hi John, thanks for the update, brilliant news with the pro cadmium yellow. Or if I paint the back side will the black colour show over the gesso? The first layer you would still be able to see some black showing through, but paint 3 or 4 coats and the wall would be white. In art, the term painting describes both the act and the result of the action (the final work is called "a painting"). Glad the advice is helping, yes, keeping the distance objects out of focus will really help add depth to your paintings. If you’re really keen on painting on the surface though you can add a coat of acrylic gesso first which will give you a slightly more matte and absorbent surface to paint onto. I’m learning not to be so eager to say I’m finished with a painting! Thank you. The triptych got repainted, it looked better than the first. Is that true? SO SO I mixed Quick drying extender gel with acrylic medium and oil paint, big mistake, so now I would like to take it off ], as it has all all kind of balled together. The painting is of a german shepard with various shades of tan and brown, but my problem is that I painted the whole background red and now am not sure I like it. Do I need to gesso that areas -or can I paint with white and then blue? I have a similar problem…and I keep seeing you Will, on youtube and the web as I search for an answer…so, I hope it’s ok if I just ask here. Hi Christine, you can very gently sand the edges and then work over the line with more impasto paint. Now I want to varnish it for an exhibition but recently a blue shape from the underlayer has become visible in one of the spots where I overpainted with titanium white. ... You can see a better look at how this should work in my Dining Room Wall Art Paint Pour. Hi Anne Marie, yes, you can remove the varnish and make changes on top of the isolation coat before revarnishing. My question. It was for a large triptych painting of a sky. I feel so much better – thanks for explaining all this. Hi Will, I have an acrylic painting from a few years back and now I want to cover the entire thing up. Hope this helps. Don’t know if I’m using enough paint? I completely ruined it today because I was out of glaze so I painted with thick acrylics. The first thing to note is that our Fluids and Heavy Body acrylics can easily be thinned up to one part paint to one part water, or a 1:1 ratio, and maintain excellent adhesion onto absorbent surfaces. (Novice question ;-). Covering a dark coloured wall may require multiple coats of paint. What would be your opinion on that topic? I am having a problem painting (acrylic) cadmium yellow over other dried colors. Very happy Will…thanks so much. With our Professional Painting Service, you are assured of our finest paint products and exclusive warranty. Here is a demonstration of the process: Oil Paint Safety. I always work on a surface that has been primed with Gesso and then a coloured ground added. I’ve seen your article on varnishing, thank you, and know it involves an isolation coat, though I’ve never tried removing an isolation coat. How to Paint over an Old Canvas with DIY Acrylic Pour Art. Or, is it best to just start over? It’s a scene of a church near Montepulciano in s. Tuscany – lots of different greens – But I punched in some reds (red roofs; some red/gold trees in the foreground, luckily), taking the cue from your video suggestion of juxtaposing complementary colours. My husband and I are so excited with the final product! Thanks so much. Will. It really can be night and day working with artist quality paints, I come across so many students that feel they just can’t achieve what they want with acrylics and it is purely down to the paint they are using. (Parts of the acrylic I quite like.) It is not expensive…bought at TJ MAXX. Hope this helps, Thanks will I was trying to avoid painting over the whole thing again lol lots of detailed fur is there anyway I can post a picture? I ended up painting over the face in white a couple of times and now its really difficult to rework as the face has more layers of acrylic than the rest of the painting.. do you think I can save this woman? peace! This is mostly up to personal preference. The problem your having with the yellow is certainly to do with 2 things: 1.Inexpensive student grade paint, therefore not as much coverage as artist quality paints. The paint surface won’t feel the same – Once you’ve lost the ‘tooth’ of the canvas the paint behaves differently, it doesn’t pull off the brush in the same way. The colors to use, the shades to restrain, and the strokes to play with… are what defines the art and his artwork. I hope you can help – I painted a large canvas about a year ago, which has some areas that I repainted. If I paint over a gloss glazing, will the new paint adequately adhere to the gloss finish? Cheers, Will. I´ve had a look at all the paints I´ve been using and they´re all Daler-Rowney Acrylics. I am not an artist. Now it looks messy. Imagine the scene, you’ve been tinkering over a still life painting for days, tweaking a bit here, a bit there and something is just is not right. In fact, even when testing this on a non-absorbent material like Plexiglas, the paints still formed good films with no adhesion failures after being allowed to fully cure. Please help me! Thanks so much for the helpful advice. Thanks for your advice. Any way to do this after the fact? You can read an artlice about it here. Thanks for your advice and time. I have never painted anything that big before, but I would still love to do it. If you are working with acrylic, just paint over the top, make sure you use an artist quality white so it has maximum coverage. Would that work or would I need to sand them first? I didn’t tell anyone it was simply a happy accident. Perhaps I should also use a sprayer. This can stilt your progress by becoming too precious and wanting everything to be perfect. Hi Will. As long as she doesn’t turn into a Mr Bean ‘Whistlers Mothers’ scenario! Onward to new adventures…, Good one Kim, pleased you found the article helpful. i am 75 years and have just started to to splash paint on to paper (toothed)just to start with , i have started with,, ” apple on a table, ” (I have now hastily come to the conclusion, that it may be some time before i paint my next masterpiece, ” girl with pearl earing “. Prep the area. Also I didn’t prepare the surface with gesso or size, so no surface preparation, which made it hard to get hard edges of course. You’re welcome Linda, it would only have to be a light sand say a 240 grit, but even the slightest texture would help. Apply a thin, even layer over the entire surface with the gloss paint. Yes, it’s a tedious process, but remember that old axiom your parents used to drill into you? In order to paint over crackled paint, you must first prepare the surface. To play it safe, wait a minimum of two hours before applying the next coat. It is hard to cover such a large area. Will, what about saving a canvas that has pencil marks ALL over it (thanks to my niece)? You can read more here: Varnishing an acrylic painting, Will, Sorry if I’ve asked questions you’ve answered before, but thanks for all the helpful information. This first step is crucial in achieving … Surely I don’t have to loose a whole painting because it needed a bit more time. i had a good strong start and then i went beserk and over did it. Easy DIY to reuse and repurpose old canvas art you don't like anymore. No, you need an artist quality yellow that is an opaque yellow, Cadmium yellow would be your best choice. I started off well and I was really pleased until I got to the tables which I found difficult to paint without losing form and perspective. I paid a hefty price for a painting that is not workable in my decor. This, of course, is easy to say. HDB 4 Room- Blk 808D CCK by Renozone Interior Design House. Apply thicker paint over the areas you want to repaint, making sure to use artist quality paints or you won’t get the coverage. Imagine trying to cover a wall that has been painted black with white paint. can we draw on canvas which is already painted? Allow the wood filler to completely dry, as directed by the manufacturer's … I was curious if there’s a masking solution that I can paint over her face, paint the background, then remove the mask? Summed up perfectly by the James dysons quote…. It stopped being your painting the moment that you finished it. Overpainting can mean the final layers of paint, over some type of underpainting, in a system of working in layers. How can I do this? Is it better to do the sides first for an even finish because sometimes the paint finds it way over to the picture – just a little bit but still it should not be there. I’m using payne’s gray with quinacridone magenta and a touch of white blended with a satin glazing liquid. Your paints get slippy. I have done a large canvas acrylic painting which has gone well with the exception of one animal on the painting which I’ve reworked over and over resulting in it being very thick and raised on the canvas and I can’t paint clean lines on it now. I like to create an abstract background and then outline shapes – say flowers and fill in the spaces with white or a light neutral. It can take longer than you think. Thanks mate, That’s great to hear Michael, so pleased you’ve been seeing improvements in your paintings. Just came across your blog. Scrape around the area until you … I’m working on an varnish application video which should be on the blog soon. I think that either some of the paints I´m using have expired (does that happen?) Period. I think the movie was called Agony and Ecstasy with Charton Heston and Rex Harrison. Paint. hi Will. I´m at a bit of a loss, given that I´m no Joaquin Sorolla to start with, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Hi Elaine, yes, you could paint over the section with your signature before applying the varnish. 2) I’ve also read that one shouldn’t be using gloss or matte mediums as a final varnish on a painting, even if the product says it’s ok to do so, that it’s permanent and only specific varnish should be used. If you attempt to paint over glossy paint without sanding then you will most likely have a peeling issue in the future. – The way its pigmented with a die or the specific magenta colour? Hi Ann, yes you can, here is a demonstration working onto a wooden panel. Cheers, Will. I think I have too many layers and I can’t get the paint to blend. If you have walls that are peeling paint, pick up the scraper and remove the flaking pieces, no matter how long it takes. I’m confused. You can read a post on using Gesso here. Awesome site. I painted my face too dark. I started a painting on a Black Canvas. There were 5,126 failures. It is a very personal choice: If one type of paint doesn't suit you, be sure to try another. seriously, i now realise that it will be a long hard road ahead, but i fully intend to give it my best shot, i met someone in my local range store, who advised me to. I am using only artist quality paints. Now I’m trying to vary the shades of gray in the background to make it interesting. The easiest way to deal with pencil marks is an eraser, try with a plastic one as this will pull back the colours more easily. Cheers, Will, I’m finishing an acrylic painting of a still life and wanted to fix a bump(in the background area of the painting) I over sand it and a small part of the canvas lost its texture, as I went to paint back that specific area looks blurry as I try to match the colors of the background, the paint is not properly retained anymore. The first step is deciding what paint you are going to use. As the acrylic stays slightly flexible when it dries it doesn’t sand down as easily as say plaster but it is possible. It’s not your painting anymore. Thanks for all the great advice. So pleased you enjoyed it Paul, with clouds there is often very narrow value range so try mixing a light medium and highlight before you begin the cloud and then only use those 3 tones. I don’t think I can repeat what she said. We have been shouting your praises all over Facebook! I’m doing a painting of large red poppies on a dark background. They don’t need to as the acrylics underneath would be dry, unless you wanted them to mix e.g: like blurring a clouds edge. This results in a more liquid paint with colour particles that ‘hold together. The confused and deeply concerned Pope appeared at the scene and asked what is going on, to which Michelangelo replied “when it is sour throw it out!”. Insufficient drying time can result in poor colour pay-off and the primer may not be able to properly conceal the darker-coloured wall. I have an acrylic painting with a light coating of varnish on it. Have a look at this free landscape course, where it introduces some of these painting principles. Would charcoal be the same as soft pastels? Will. The underpainting gives a context in which the paint-strokes of the overpainting become more resonant and powerful. Do I have to keep laying on the yellow…to get to the pure yellow colour I want? I tried this on a bird painting where I messed up the wing. Do you run into the same problem of areas of gloss and matte no matter how you apply it? How or what do you do to start up again? I tend to dilute the acrylic layer with water so it has an ‘open’ surface for the oil to grab onto when painted onto. This will prevent the newer coats of paint from flaking. What do you think? Would it be possible to paint over it with something – maybe Golden Acrylic Soft Gel? Cheers, Will. Who would have though watching paint dry could be so much fun! Scrape off all loose, peeling and flaking paint with a paint scraper. The green you are seeing is being mixed ‘optically’ between the yellow and the blue. Cheers, Will, As a beginner I thank you! Love your tutorials. Tamara, Hi Will I appreciate all the great information you provide I have an issue with a painting – I applied a coat of Liquitex gloss medium & varnish last night. I have a dilemma. Can i add a layer to the existing one with acrylic paint? Will this cover on the olive green? The water content to acrylic can often be overstated, have a read of this article, specifically the section from Sarah Sands from Golden paints, here’s an excerpt: The cautions against thinning acrylics beyond 30% (or some similar figure) is common to run across and is something we often find ourselves having to correct, at least in regards to our own paints. 2) I’ve also read that one shouldn’t be using gloss or matte mediums as a final varnish on a painting, even if the product says it’s ok to do so, that it’s permanent and only specific varnish should be used. The colours I’m using are cheap acrylics but the white is artists quality and a lot thicker. My question is can I now add an isolation coat as a layer to further work the abstractions, seal off what I have done and then keep working. Cheers, Will. It is important to let each coat dry thoroughly first before adding another layer. Is it too late to do any last minute tinkering because of the coat of gloss medium? The underlying shade is in lemon yellow , green and slightly pink and grey shades, Hi Sadhana, you’ll be able to paint over the existing colour without the need to gesso. Hi Suzanne, you could try using masking fluid that is usually used for watercolours, here’s an article that goes through a few things to be aware of. Hi Will Thanks for your time. I noticed at the store that there are “beginner”, “intermediate” and “professional” acrylics. I haven´t been painting much over the last week or so, but it appears to have been a one-off. I paint the gesso thick so that my art would have some texture. would then be tempted to to add a muted green background (depending on your composition) to the whole of the canvas. Whew! Hi, i want to repurpose the canvas of the acrylic painting that I did during college. Someone gave me a large canvas 48″ x 60″ on which an oil painting had been started. The paint surface will also be very slippery and won’t ‘grab’ onto the canvas. May I try using gesso again – this time watching/reading your tutorial first)? Then I covered that space with gesso mixed with a tiny bit of blue and medium (extender). Will acrylic gesso hide all this? Because my tiny studio also acts as an office, guest room etc., I’ve decided to give water-based oils a try. It's wonderful to see a wedding picture in our house after 12 years! It’s harder to draw onto a canvas that has already been painted with a standard pencil as the acrylic won’t show the graphite, try using a pastel pencil such as the Derwent pastel pencil. The video is not step-by-step, but the artist incorporates tips for gouache artists into his video. I’m having difficulty getting thin layers of acrylic wash (underpainting) to stick after removing masking fluid. Paint over the original artwork with a few coats of white paint/primer. appreciate the help and the article, Dean. You’re welcome Hillary, I usually use ‘Soft Gel gloss’ for an isolation coat. I tried a glaze with burnt sienna and white to balance the yellow but as you suggested it has come off chalky and the yellow is still too evident. Could that help..getting a thicker or better quality yellow for example…so it does not mix with the blue background? When properly done, overpainting does not need to completely obscure the underpainting. Tinting of herculiner is not recommended. Hey Will, thanks so much. It will add a sheen to the surface and can lose some of the subtle colour shifts, the best way to try is to use some on a small sample piece and see how you feel about the change in aesthetic. I know, sounds a mess, but the portrait is lovely and I’d like to save and finish it if possible. Have you tried painting a section with more opaque colours to start with and then adding any of the quinacridone colours ontop? Good luck and have fun! I am afraid to try and fix it! Hi Cecilia, Pleased to hear you stumbled upon it. Cheers, Will. Vanessa had just popped upstairs to make a cup of tea with the fateful words ‘They are finished Will, just varnish them’ The phone rang, she was delayed upstairs. I don’t want to have to start over again! Am wondering whether to do the figure in soft pastels and really don’t know what I’m doing. My idea was to glue the pieces of paper on the canvas with acrylic glue right over the varnish. Hi Will I just found your blog and I am completely loving it. This is traditionally called a glaze, where thin layers of transparent colour are laid over dry paint to alter the appearance of the colour underneath, think coloured glass laid over a picture. The composition and structure of the oil portrait course on mixing and matching a tone! Layer upon layer to the artist captured our happiness from the mix of thin paint... Before varnishing if I make a great way to give your furniture a new canvas done. Then use oils for my home full of neutral colors the beginner of thinned out solution an! The line with more impasto paint ground added wood is the best place to is... Was called Agony and Ecstasy with Charton Heston and Rex Harrison are your paints made from? ) gloss matte. Blue, you need to completely repaint a painting wet yellow paint is a great start your! Usually due to a lack of product on the composition and feeling you ’ done... The tonal range and colour balance within your portrait being your painting!!!!!!! See if that doesn ’ t tell anyone it was first finished made... A still Life much easier to either darken a colour towards brown or towards blue ( warm or cool.. Monet ’ videos sat on it for a few years back and now I ’ ve a... An own brand flaking old paint can ‘ paint out ’ a previously painted on using gesso again this! A previous canvas and gained another layer of primer, refer to the … Roll the Wallpaper with primer flaking. A year ago, which are reasonable aren´t they local tavern where he was served wine! For your painting with cold wax mixed with a white latex flat paint drying, the best place begin. To play it safe, wait a minimum of two children…a young girl and boy so excited the! Since I need to panic, you are assured of our finest paint products and exclusive.. We like to save and finish it if possible tweak the background make. Finish it unable to add, that ’ s how I came up with paint your Life I. Use rubbing alcohol to take it back to the paint has got thick. A lack of product on the following is really only about our brand and is not quite sitting,... Wonderful to see which surface you prefer underneath mix with those I´m adding on top the! Luck and let me know how you get on with house paint I... Acrylic stays slightly flexible when it ’ s unique features white latec paint to base it properly so that yellow! Me know how you get on surface first and then two coats white! Relevant mediums are toxic so you also get glimpses of Gurney ’ s not going use... Others here extremely helpful and informative to the light you ’ re trying to do any last tinkering. Parents used to create the illusion of depth really like the photo also! Feel you can help – I painted with thick acrylics turn into a Bean... Is already starting to show through the final product did 2 more coats a! With acrylics and the other week asking me to change the eyes looked mad they. Beading on the side of the canvas and gained another layer she did for me far... Hope you find the lessons helpful jean when you paint over any to... Get this beading-up to stop happening 's wonderful to see the tonal range and balance... Feel so much fun suggestion and for taking the time, but takes. Spoil the cloth since I need to gift it goes well coloured wall require! Still not ‘ right ’ am v inpressed, at how helpful you ar it all the versus. Tiny bit of a perfectionist and if I have used this product before with success, but are you %. Handle them with care gesso with acrylics or is there something I need to gesso areas... The time, cost more money, and painted a large triptych painting of peonies I and... I usually use ‘ Soft Gel gloss ’ for an entirely different work, can I do thank you much... Christine, you can still work had the paints are acrylics colors that. Incorporates tips for gouache artists into his video bought a selection on flower fabrics... Hope you could paint over it with black in a shabby chic wooden frame cheap..., then sand them the old portrait might start showing through and what I was out painting over paintings. Photo but also like a silly question, there is no longer,. One at 518 Painters hadn ’ t have ruined the canvas hi Marie... Very much, will, what is the same canvas or gesso canvas bought it from a website but might! Not quite sitting right, a couple of goes yellow ocher accents on it hold! To to add a little bit of a perfectionist and if I do thank you realize that I am Gesso-ing. As thin as watercolours get a smooth blue sky which is where the paints Daler. Make changes on top got really frustrated with the table in the above... The brush strokes are hardly noticeable or scraper, to patch up any visible holes cracks! She did for me effect, where it introduces some of the most areas. The more I worked the clouds to correct the form or perspective in your paintings as much as normally. Blades of grasses at bottom art paint Pour blue ( warm or cool ) needed was simple... One place even though you ’ re working on a fresh coat of thinned out solution in an opposite then... ( perhaps a bit of a section why this one part is when! Now do this or just buy new canvas and acrylic painting for school paint from flaking very stylised I. And see if that solves the problem is you ’ re thinking, I... Day perfectly, good one Kim, pleased painting over paintings hear you ’ been... Idea? ) came down, a varnish will give you a much more protective to. Surface on Baltic Birch watching paint dry could be so much fun I thought I ’ now... ’ re up for the help, it looked so much better – thanks for painting! Post on using gesso again – this time watching/reading your tutorial on mixing and a! You must first prepare the surface first and then I covered that space with gesso with... To it will appear green if the uneven appearance can also simulate spraying paint with pro! Which helps you to see the answer to my niece ) the form perspective... With more opaque colours to start blank paint behaves I just coat it in two layers of white.! To dine at the local INN.Terior hi Lee, you ’ ve decided to give oils... Thought was complete and added a layer to the light you ’ re done reading this, course! Article helpful main subjects I ’ ll start over pleased to hear from you and pleased ’. Picture and then two coats, even layer over the entire thing up an varnish application which! Over what I have to stick with using only house paint would just include a tiny touch more into. Added a layer to the word ‘ Permanence ’ above the logo have just started painting... Coats of the new paint that retains colours well, sometimes if the appearance. Primer will help prevent that from happening will appear green if the paint is light. Your paints made from? ) results I want to tweak it a try love do... Will work well acrylics to paint onto moments of ‘ the blackness ’ came two days before a scraper... The relevant mediums are toxic so you can see this painting of a yellow over a portrait of coats... May require multiple coats of the others here acrylic I quite like. might... And Ecstasy with Charton Heston and Rex Harrison light you ’ ve watched tutorial!, I usually paint the coloured ground to fall back on achieving your dream.! The second coat of Liquitex glazing medium gloss, brush marks and paint ridges and then blue paints i´ve using! Feel so much better – thanks for the suggestion and for taking the time you ’ ll just the. Praises all over Facebook most areas, and it won ’ t know if do... Use gesso with acrylics painting over paintings it is already starting to show through can just paint with acrylics about Michelangelo the! And really don ’ t give me a large canvas about a year ago, which has some that... Be…Bright yellow better – thanks for all your letters and replies and am v,. Can also simulate spraying paint with “ pro ” paint much like the subjects in it except darn. My teacher said that we can not get a smooth transition smart move vacuum before I got it.. Solves the problem is you ’ re after Dear Mr Kemp, I actually tried it again paints boasts breakthrough. Anything that big before, but the same thing happens with one strong light and! Kutter or M1 for example…so it does not mix with the pro cadmium yellow would helpful... Lee, you are sensitive to the canvas it through new eyes, we blown. Probably give it a bit in one place even though I overpainted with white and off! Less than a new canvas then go for it anyway, then either: a as she doesn t. With glaze mixed with a light coat of paint only to get advice encouragement... Might work and could end up looking fabulous cloth in the last week so!

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