Location: Arcwind Point – On a pedestal at the top of the tower at the end of Arcwind Point. This article lists all of the keys that can be found in the game, including information on where the key is found and what door or chest is opened by the key. Location: Whiterun – In the Temple of Kynareth, on the shelf next to the chest. A second room is furnished with four beds for the guards. After Dampened Spirits, Sabjorn resides in the dungeon but comes and goes freely. Any belongings can be found in the evidence chest, but a guard patrols the area the chest is held in. - Limiting the body count as much as possible. Okay, so I just got incarcerated at Whiterun to go for the escape from jail achievement. But I had to knock off a few high elf guards in my search for the evidence. When you walk into the Whiterun Jail there is a chest labeled "Evidence Chest" which you can steal your stuff back from. The prisoners' belongings chest and the evidence chest sit in the eastern corner. Location: Dawnstar – In Quicksilver Mine, hidden in a small crate on the ground floor of the deepest mine cavern. Items were in the chest when I went for them. Stolen items will be in an "evidence chest" somewhere in the jail; lockpick this chest to get those items back. Unless noted, all keys have a weight and value of 0. The Watchman is a dealer of Justice but not a executioner, his job is to find the through and it is up to the authority to deal with it. This chest involves taking advantage of a glitch, so be prepared to break Skyrim a little bit to get it. The treasure chest that litter around Skyrim are a perfect opportonity to hide your findings, especially the ones about high members of society. Lv 4. After your character awakens, you will be brought to the front of the prison, given back all of your items (except the stolen ones), and set free with a clear bounty. Winterhold is a city located on the northeasternmost tip of Skyrim and is home to the prominent College of Winterhold.It was once a large, bustling and prosperous city. ... Then reclaim any confiscated equipment from the evidence chest. I picked up their armor donning it since it was better than what I had and stored my useless heavy armor on the corpse. There is nearly always a guard on duty at the desk. Smithing Skill Books: Cherim’s Heart. Jail or bounty, your stolen stuff is locked away in an evidence chest generally somewhere in the jail, but if you're especially daring, you can get them back. A while ago, when my evil assasin-character had to pay a fine for pickpocketing a ring, I had unlocked the Whiterun evidence chest, and then was just screwing around in the jail, looking to see what the guards had in their pockets. If you're interested in seeing all that Skyrim has to offer, Zagat gives prisons 4 and a half stars. ... you can go into the barracks and it will be there in the evidence chest. 4 years ago. Running out of the keep everyoe starts to act aggressive. 1 0. corkern. Nice trade off. Once a crime is committed in Whiterun and the guards catch the criminal, they can choose to end up in the Dragonsreach Dungeon. #13. atrophy. Here's the scene: Walking through Whiterun, going up to the keep, and everyone acts normal, until I open the doors at which time all the named NPCs attack. The Wax Key perk automatically gives you a copy of any of the pickable locks listed below, the first time you pick it after taking the perk. I dropped through the hatch in the cell, escaped the tunnel, and got the achievement. One little trick I did was give my armor and prefered weapons to Malborn. . The room to the southeast is the public side of the jail.

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